To raise a generation of men after God's heart.


  1. Impart life through life-changing programme. 
  2. Build men that will be committed to the work of the kingdom 
  3. Raise Godly men that will instruct their families in the way of the Lord. 
  4. Reach out to the needs of members through welfare and counselling. 
  5. Encourage members to give according to biblical principles. 

Meeting Time

  1. Monthly Prayer meeting / Business meeting (as announced) 
  2. Vigil and Special programme (as schedule in the year calendar). 
  3. Departmental meeting (as planned). 

Special Contribution: Members give and or contribute as led towards any of our projects. 


  1. Totally committed to the church building project. 
  2. Hillsprings International schools. 
  3. Organise seminars and workshop for members
  4. Provide transportation to the Redemption Camp for Holy Ghost Services 
  5. Visit to orphanages.