The Covenant Givers Group, CGG was established as a bold demonstration of the Church's (Faith City) faith that Wealth and Blessing comes from God and hence it deployment must be in worship and in accordance to His generous grace bestowed on us.

We are to give and give beyond the ordinary, and even beyond the extra ordinary. This ministry was set up to unlock the generous blessings of God upon His Church and all households in the Church. Our economic and financial capacity is limitless hence we are to shine for Christ by being a blessing in the Church and beyond.


To transform LIVES for The Kingdom of Our Lord Jesus Christ.


Our Mission

Creating an all encompassing grace for generating uncommon wealth in a way and manner that is godly for the benefits of His Kingdom here on earth while building the happiest people ever known.

We want to help influence the today and future development of our church and families. We want to teach our children and parents to love and laugh, to give and to give, to learn and grow beyond their current bounds by Christ Jesus who strengthens us to attain all that is great and godly.


  1. Worship and serving God (in a COVENANT relationship) with our wealth and all that we are today and will ever be.
  2. Creating successful people in great multiple.
  3. Having dominion in this life and hereafter.
  4. Love and care for the lost souls. 
  5. Love and care for the ships in the vineyard.
  6. Provide sound managerial and administrative support for our church.
  7. Provide atmosphere of godly relationship for our families and all brethren.

Meeting Time

Monthly meeting holds on every 3rd Sunday of the month within the church auditorium.