The Chosen Generation is a fellowship of single young men and women who believe and live the principles of the Christian faith.

Our Mission 

We are to identify, assemble and nurture the youth members of the Faith City congregation to make them young men and women of virtue and maturity who are examples of Godliness to their generation.

Our Vision is to have a fellowship of young men and women that will show forth the praises of God here on earth and also make Heaven.

Target Group

  • 19-23 years (entry point)
  • 24-30 years (mature; core target)
  • 30 years and above (seniors)

Main Interests

  1. Maturity in Faith, The word and Christian living.
  2. Exciting and Educative challenges and recreation.
  3. Exposure to new ideas and experiences
  4. Social confidence (especially in relating to the opposite sex).