Welcome to the place to be.

  • Ever thought of enjoying your teenage years?
  • Having the best of swag yet understanding the times?
  • Do you want to discover your gift? Work on your potentials?
  • Know why you are here on earth?
  • Or does the future seem dark, empty?

Then Light House Teens Church is a place for you. Yes you!

Light House Teens Church is the teenage arm of the Redeem Christian Church of God Faith City, it is a place where we worship God sincerely, study the word diligently, help each other to discover his/herself so as to be a light in this dark work we are in.

Our watchword is taking from the book of Matt 5:16  ‘WE LIGHT UP THIS WORLD AND BRING GLORY TO GOD’

There are various department in light house such as:

  • Current of Glory(the choir department)
  • The light bearers(ushering department)
  • The flames (the media department)

Light House Teens Church is a place to be if you are between the age of 13-19, and our Sunday service holds between 9am-11:30am.

Why not come enjoy the best of God this Sunday?

There is a place for you!